The annual International Conference on Ancient Studies (ICAS) brings together numerous scientists and researchers of international fame - like Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, John M. Jenkins, Michael Cremo, Robert Schoch, Andrew Collins and many others - for a 2 days public conference on archaeology, anthropology, science and metaphysics.

Since 2008 Carlo Dorofatti is a member of the ICAS: here below you’ll find more information about his participation – as a speaker – at the 2010 Edition, which has been recently organised in Dubai (UAE). In the near future, by browsing this page of the website, you’ll find also information about the next 2011 Edition.

Gallery of the #1 2008 Edition

International Conference on Ancient Studies 2010

The Origins of Civilisation  

February 12-13

ICAS  Dubai - Zayed Uni­ver­sity Dubai

Speakers: Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Carlo Dorofatti,
Armando Mei, Jean-Paul Bauval, Robert Schoch, Michael Cremo,
John Major Jenkins, Andrew Collins, Ahmed Osman, Christopher Knight.



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Abstract from the final part of the Carlo Dorofatti's speech:


Now, with all that have been said, explicitly and between lines, we know (we are assuming) that:

  1. Probably we don’t know so much about our past and origins;
  2. Our origin is much more ancient and mysterious than what we learn in our schools;
  3. Darwinism is definitely not enough: creationism and evolutionism must be linked in some way;
  4. Maybe our origin is not terrestrial or not only terrestrial, or simply we need a new way of thinking about our ancestors and history;
  5. Some kind of interferences from outside, or from inside, from the ufological or/and from the spiritual point of view must be considered.

We have been talking about archaeology, pyramids, stars, mysteries of the past, mysteries of humankind, important and intriguing evidences, alternative interpretations, ancient and mysterious civilisations... great! Fine!

So what?

We need a new awareness and logic. We need new questions that can be applied. We need to use both the cerebral hemispheres to approach all these evidences.

I mean a type of approach to know and understand reality, in which humans regain control of their full faculties and existence.

It is basically a way to regain the knowledge on how to interact with the supernatural, with all the possible dimensions of our reality, which are actually always here and now, around us. Inside of us. A way that is linked to that 2012 prophecy, if you prefer.

The key to understand what that is “far” in space, in the matter, in time, that key is definitely inside of us. The truth is not “out there” but “in here”! This is the point.

In my opinion this is the orientation to the “so what” question.

Conferences like this one are crucial moments of dialogue. This event in the UAE can certainly be a sort of annual international reference point, and I hope this kind of events all over the world will stimulate further researches and projects, and be the opportunity to create a network of researchers able to represent the vanguard of a new era.

It is only if we talk about it and debate that we will be able to lift the veils that divide people from a global gnosis and wisdom, from using science and consciousness, reason and feelings together.

Thank you.